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Apr 17

Decisions Decisions

Better late than never right? After work we went to Home Depot to figure out our cottage kitchen cabinet situation and, though we didn’t get them ordered, we DID leave with many decisions to make by Sunday! It’s going to be more expensive than we’d hoped but it will all be worth it in the [...]

Apr 09

Nibbling on the Peels!

Do you know what the best medicine is for squat/lunge overload thus causing your muscles to flip you the bird with every step you take? Not more lunges and squats I can tell you that for sure After work today I couldn’t make my mind up about what workout to do so I went to [...]

Apr 08

Once a Folkie…

Good eve-ening! At this very moment I am listening to this brilliant tune: httpv:// And to be honest with you, life could not get any better… That song, by the way, is by an artist named Connie Kaldor from my home town.  Hers was the very first concert I’d ever attended as a kid and [...]

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