Apr 07

Unable to Let Go.

Posted by Katie on Apr 07 2014

Happy Monday my lovelies!

Did y’all have a wonderful weekend?  We sure did!

The absolute highlight was driving out to our cottage to spend time in our soon-to-be bathroom!

Can you picture it?

I’m going to have a ginormous window!

We spent yesterday afternoon sitting on my parents’ deck in the warm sunshine.  I loved every second of it.

On the food front the highlight was the Thai chicken bites I made (it’s a tedious process but SO worth it!)

Sadly, we are all caught up on Scandal.

But I just couldn’t let it go so what did I do?  I started watching it again :lol:  It’s THAT good!

This morning I woke up, worked out with Leslie Sansone and then made breakfast!  Today I craved Oikos Vanilla greek yogurt with fruit!

Lunch came all too quickly today but when it did I watched clips of The West Wing and ate this rainbow of goodness:

Once home from work I roasted some cruciferous and heated up some salmon that I made yesterday:

Another thing I’m unable to let go:  Roasted cauliflower and broccoli!

Gotta go.  Olitz calls to me.

Apr 04


Posted by Katie on Apr 04 2014

It’s the weekend!!!

Ours is going to be filled with spring cleaning and Scandal.  Scandal is by far the most addicting show I’ve ever watched.  We’re going to be completely caught up by the end of the weekend  though :(

We also get to spend time with Jeff’s cousin and her man.  We haven’t seen them in a few months and we miss them dearly!

My day began with a much anticipated sleep-in followed by a bm bullet and fruit!  Friday mornings rock!

For lunch I jumped all over a slice of leftover pizza and some “gramma vegetables”

I had a CRAZY work day *which was marvellous* so the end of the day came quickly.

On our way home we made a detour out of town to my cousin’s place where Jefferson fixed the technology that allows MUSIC to play in their humungous shower!  I think their shower is the same size as our bedroom :lol:

Once we got home we were absolutely famished so I whipped up some butter-free alfredo sauce, pasta, chicken, broccoli and garlic toast!  It was a feast:

Well that’s all she wrote for Friday.  Well, almost.

I might just whip up a batch of cookies ;)

Apr 01


Posted by Katie on Apr 01 2014


Have you ever seen the television show Scandal?

It’s outrageous!  Jeff and I stumbled upon this last weekend and I have actually lost sleep over what sinister political scheme is going to come next.

So that’s how OUR weekend was :)

Happy April my friends!  That’s just one more way I can tell Spring weather is on its way!

This morning I hopped out of bed (like an April Easter bunny!) and worked out with Leslie Sansone.  4 Fast Miles was my poison of choice and it was lovely.  Except my right knee is NOT healed as I originally thought.

For breakfast I whipped up a smoothie with a bm bullet.  Matching dishes:

My workday was busy but amazing.  Every single day there are 50 things I learn and I have a feeling that will be the way it is for about a year (once one full school year is completed).

For lunch I watched West Wing clips and ate some cold cruciferous, greek yogurt and orange:

Once home from work we immediately turned on Scandal (holy swear words Batman!) and I roasted some more cruciferous!

Turkey meatloaf anyone?

I’ve got to go.

Fitz *SWOON*and granola are calling

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