Dec 13

Day 13 – A Photo Journey!

Posted by Katie on Dec 13 2014

Hi folks!

Today was a great day!  Jeff and I lazed around until 11 or so and then we headed out for lunch!  We ventured over to Coronado Springs for a crab cake sandwich for me (and a burger for Jeff):

And carrot cake!

After lunch we headed over to Animal Kingdom!  There was a print we both fell in love with at the beginning of our trip and we wanted to buy it! The print is of Mufasa and Simba from the Lion King.  We also bought a print of Mufasa and Sarabi snuggling (awww!) as well as a print of a mother ape with her baby ape.  They are all quite beautiful!  We will eventually get the prints framed and hang them up (hopefully in our new home next year!)

Here’s a few photos from Animal Kingdom today!  The tree of life is in the background :)


We met up with my folks for dinner at Raglan Road (an Irish Pub at Downtown Disney).

I ordered the saucy salmon which was AMAZING!  MmMm capers!

I ordered the trifle for dessert which was the size of my head.  Is this necessary???

I made a good dent though!

After dinner we headed over to watch La Nouba, the Disney exclusive Cirque De Solei show!  It was amazing!  To have that strength would be simply incredible.  Something to work for I guess :)

Random photo of the day!  Apparently there is a guy that does this when the weather is nice.  Well, it’s a hobby I suppose!

Tomorrow is our LAST DAY at Disney and we are A-OK with that!  It’s time to be home to enjoy the holidays and get back to our routine.  I hear the weather has been fantastic too!

Tomorrow we plan on going out for breakfast, perhaps hit up a few parks for our favorite treats (carrot cake cookie, karamel kuche caramel corn to bring home,  dole whip) and then we are off to OHANA for dinner.  We started our trip at OHANA and we will finish it with OHANA as well.

This has been a truly wonderful trip :)

Dec 12

Day 12 – A (I’m ready to go home) Photo Journey!

Posted by Katie on Dec 12 2014

Hi everyone!

It’s day 12 and I can honestly say I am exhausted.  We are sleeping enough but our days are so jam packed that I just feel run down!

Today we spent the day shopping and then at Magic Kingdom!

Here’s a photo rundown!

Breakfast was Wolfgang Puck’s breakfast pizza.  It was good but I would have preferred more veg!

Dawn, this one’s for you (and Logan!)!

At some point today (I don’t know when to be honest) this was taken!




A hilarious amount of lunch!  I had a veggie sammich!

Pickle pals!

One final Magic Kingdom photo!!!

A pleasant surprise!  Haunted Mansion opened up today!  It wasn’t supposed to be opened until next week!!!

Supper was late and at Chef Mickey’s!  What a great buffet!  Seafood salad, sushi, great veg!

And great desserts too!  Some of it I ate, some of it I didn’t but I tried it all!

The last selfie of the night.  Don’t we look stoned?  Don’t worry, we’re just on the verge of falling asleep on the Monorail :lol:

Tomorrow is a sleep in, pack up for the trip home, relax kind of day!!!  We also have a dinner and Cirque de Solei date planned!

All in all, I’m ready to go home.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it here.  I’d live it here or somewhere near here I’m fairly sure.  But it’s not home.  I miss my bed, I miss my workouts, I miss my green smoothies, I miss my routine!!

I have loved every moment of this vacation (even the back spasms) but I’m looking forward to getting back to the basics.

That’s all for now!

Dec 11

Day 11 – A Photo Journey!

Posted by Katie on Dec 11 2014

Hi folks!

It’s 11:00 pm, my tootsies are tired and I am struggling to keep my eyes open!  This post is going to be a quick one with not many descriptions (sorry!).

Here’s what we did today at:

Butter beer!  I can FINALLY say I’ve tried it.  It tastes like cream soda to me and flat root beer with a caramel flavor to my folks.

Emeril’s for lunch!

Shrimp and corn chowder! DELISH!

Afternoon dessert!

Supper was at House of Blues at Downtown Disney.  Fantastic!

I had the lobster mac and cheese!  Amazing. I ate just over half of this skillet and that was enough for me!

For dessert?  Bread pudding!

And this evening after dinner we went to the movie John Wick.  Good pick!

So that’s that.

It’s time for bed.  I will see you tomorrow for a recap of whatever we end up doing (it’s a free day!).

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