Aug 08

If you could smell our cottage right now…

Posted by Katie on Aug 08 2014

You would smell Christmas.

Cinnamon, cloves, anise, peppercorns, orange zest, rooibos…

I am making my own chai tea concentrate as I type this, using coco chai rooibos tea my bestie bought for me ages ago.

Oh mercy it smells good!

The first thing I am making? An iced chai latte!

Recipe to come!

Aug 05

Breakfast All Day

Posted by Katie on Aug 05 2014


Oh how I’ve missed you!  RFKW has been down for the better part of a week now…Every time I tried to post I got a big fat red FAILED.

Life is full of ups and downs lately.

Our house has not sold, we’ve looked at quite a few houses (and found the perfect one!), work is busy busy busy, our neighbours (on both sides of us) in the city are a-holes, we found a beautiful pottery bowl at the local arts festival over the weekend…The downs seems to be bigger (and more of them) than the ups BUT we’re keeping on the sunny side ;)

As far as eats go, I’ve been doing a lot of this:

LOTS of green smoothies that taste like vanilla milk shakes:

Toast toast toast!

LOTS of unphotograph’d salads with a protein, be it salmon burgers, tuna, legumes, etc.

Shredded wheat squares with granola, fruit and natural peanut butter:

Vegetable omelet with a slice of squarely toast patted with earth balance butter:

It’s been a breakfast all day kind of life for me lately ;)

Our realtor told us our house made the short list for one of our viewers yesterday.  Mercy please buy our home :lol:

It’s mango time!

Jul 25

Are you working?

Posted by Katie on Jul 25 2014

We aren’t!

And my blog hasn’t been either, for about a week!

We just got back from the city and are now sitting down to lunch while watching Masters of Sex! Great show!

Lunch is a chicken sammich topped with spinach, feta and tomato!


Along with a kale salad.

Is this going to post?

Let’s find out!

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