Apr 22

How I Began…

Posted by Katie on Apr 22 2014

Today I received an email from a new reader (Hi Jo!).
I love when you folks email me asking questions and I will honestly make more of an effort to respond via the blog!
As I was typing what was going to be today’s post I took a break to read Jo’s email and I couldn’t help but smile.  The Universe confirmed my blog topic for today thankyouverymuch ;)
I was originally writing about how I am aching to go for my first run of the season, how I want to feel the air burn my lungs due to the lack of endurance I have as a result of the long stagnant winter, how I want to embrace the “I can barely walk” feeling that comes just a few short hours after hitting the pavement.
First let me start off by congratulating you, Jo, on the loss of 40 pounds AND I want to encourage you to keep that awesome momentum going!  You are halfway to your goal and that in itself is an inspiration.
That momentum is going to carry you to your goal and it will aid in your maintaining that goal, if you allow it to.
Jo, you mention that you cannot imagine anything more freeing than running- and I completely agree with you.
So how did I begin running?
The truth is I never believed I could be a runner and to be honest, I’m not built to be a runner.  I’ve carried too much weight on my frame for too long and as a result my knees are weak.  Not to mention the fact that I am more than capable of tripping over my own shadow at any given moment :lol:
That said, everyday I would drive by someone who was running and I would be hit with a deep desire to know what it feels like to do that.  They looked so free, so capable, so determined.
It took a while for me to get the courage to even want to go for a run because:
1) I was afraid I would fail and
2) I was afraid I would look like someone who has no business running (which I do and I am comfortable with now!)
One night I said to myself “This is it, the weather is going to be nice tomorrow.  It’s time to hit the road. ”  I grabbed my iPod, filled it with the most upbeat music I’ve ever heard in my entire life (Spice Girls anyone???), laid out my running gear and went to bed.
The next morning I jumped into my running gear, popped in those earbuds, turned on Rob Thomas’ How Far We’ve Come and hit the pavement.
I made it to the end of the block before my lungs burned so badly I had to stop.  I walked for a few minutes, gave myself a huge emotional hug, turned on the next song and started to run again.
This time I lasted a whole song before I had to walk again.
This process went on for months, with walking becoming more and more scarce.
For me, learning how to run had little to do with whether or not my body could do it and a lot to do with my being patient with my body as it learned something completely new.
Was I frustrated when I could only get to the end of the block before seeing birdies and gasping for every breath of fresh air the earth had to offer?  Absolutely.
Could I have quit right then and there and accepted that I am not meant to be a runner?  You bet.
But I chose to believe I could do it.
And so, Jo, if you want to start running (and I applaud you for your desire to do so) I will leave you with a few pieces of advice:
1) Be patient with yourself.  If you can only run 2 minutes, that’s 2 minutes more than yesterday.
2) Fill your iPod with some great tunes.  You’d be surprised how fast the time goes when you are running with great tunes in your ears.
3) Go at your own pace.  Whether you are a cheetah or a snail, be grateful for every stride.
Thank you for the email Jo.  Please keep me informed of your journey :)

Apr 20

Happy Easter!

Posted by Katie on Apr 20 2014

It feels like ages since I’ve checked in!

We have just returned from my folks place for Easter.  We went out on Thursday night and it’s been a lazy chain of events ever since :lol:

Mom and dad’s place was full of treats:

So. Much. Chocolate (and jelly bellies!)

For supper on Thursday mom baked up some homemade macaroni and cheese with asparagus and chicken souvlaki:

On Friday (some people call it Good Friday, we call it Horror Movie Friday) it was cold, rainy and snowy and as such, it was a movie day!

It began with fruit and yogurt and croissants:

I cannot begin to tell you how many scary movies we watched!  I blame my mother.  She’s a freak :lol:

For lunch my mom and I enjoyed leftover mac and cheese with a garden salad.  Arugula is not my favourite thing.  In fact it’s close to cilantro in my books.  A foul weed indeed!

I took the lead on supper and it was delicious!

I cubed up some chicken boobs, breaded them with bran flakes, fried them in olive oil and tossed them in a thai chilli sauce!

Served with cruciferous and tots:

And for dessert? Sundaes!

Yesterday morning we woke up and I made “pantycakes”!  I topped mine with banana, butter and saskatoon berry syrup:

After breakfast Jeff, my mom and I went to our cottage and raked up some deer poop and leaves!  All in all we got a head start on spring cleaning which is fantastic!

We met my dad for lunch in town after he was done work.

Caesar salad:

And vegetable stir fry!  I ate all the vegetables and a few spoonfuls of rice too!

I’d like to report a supper from yesterday but there wasn’t one!  We nibbled all day and as a result we weren’t hungry.

MmMm pimento cheese with food should taste good multigrain chips:

This morning I enjoyed pb & j on a toasted english muffin:

And a little while later, banana bread!

We watched a few movies, a few episodes of The Newsroom and then ate lunch!

Lazy man cabbage rolls (which I think was made with beef!) with cruciferous:

And that takes me to now.  I’m glad to be home, doing laundry, watching the beginning episodes of Scandal again, preparing lunches for the week and getting back to my routine!

I love visiting but there comes a point when it’s time to go home :lol: we all reached that point.

So that’s that!  Happy Easter!

Apr 14

Cold. All. Day

Posted by Katie on Apr 14 2014

Happy Monday TUESDAY!

I love short weeks!

This past weekend was filled with family, SCANDAL!  (I’ve gotten my mom hooked :lol: ) and way, way, way too much food!

We didn’t get to picking up the deer poop due to poor weather so that will be this coming up weekend!

This morning I woke up to my husband trying to scare what sounded like a mouse…AT 3:00 IN THE MORNING!

Something good came from it though.  Jefferson and I worked out together :)  He’s been on a long hiatus but we don’t talk about that :)

For breakfast I made myself a berry and spinach smoothie and a bm bullet!  I was Cold. All. Day. because of that smoothie!

During lunch I watched The Newsroom clips on You Tube while I ate a salad, beans and mango!  My bestie Janet bought me a mango cutter (similar to the apple corer/slicers you can find) and it ROCKS!

Once home from work I threw supper into the oven (teriyaki salmon with roasted cancer fighters):

And then I turned on SCANDAL!

On the work front I had an AWESOME day.  The pieces are starting to fit nicely together and I really feel like I’m contributing to the success of the school.

Well, now I’m off.  A carbohydrate of sorts is calling my name.  Perhaps granola.  Perhaps a BM bullet.  Or perhaps I will go crazy and slice up another mango ;)

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